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Casey J's Tavern

Family Special


Grilled hamburgers, hot dogs & veggie burgers (vegetarian), Choice of 3 sides, sandwich rolls, condiments: lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, pickles onions, mustard, ketchup, relish. 

Side choice (choose 3): baked beans(gluten free), Spanish rice(gluten free), macaroni n' cheese (vegetarian), red bliss mashed potatoes(gluten free, vegetarian), mashed sweet potatoes(gluten free, vegetarian), roasted mushroom, onion & peppers(gluten free, vegetarian), southern greens (gluten free), string beans (gluten free,vegetarian), corn on the cob (seasonal, gluten free, vegetarian), coleslaw(gluten free, vegetarian), cucumber, carrot & onion salad (gluten free, vegetarian), potato salad (gluten free), deli-style pickles (vegetarian), caesar salad with croutons (vegetarian), garden salad with croutons (vegetarian), cape salad-mixed greens with feta & cranberries (vegetarian).Protein Addition: pulled pork (gluten free) (+3), pulled chicken (gluten free) (+3), sliced beef brisket (gluten free) (+3), Texas smoked sausage (gluten free) (+3), St. Louis ribs (gluten free) (+3). All green salads can be made gluten-free without croutons

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